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How many rounds will Okami last??? Place your bets, gents.


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Okami will win. Why? Because he has the real MW UFC Champ in his corner - Mr. Chael Sonnen!


Two things are wrong with the statement.


1. Chael isn't the real champ, sure he dominated Silva for four and a half. But Silva made Sonnen tap. Silva is the real champ.


2. I'm pretty sure Chael isn't going to be in Brazil, for fear that the people will attack him..

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I stated 3 rounds. Should he make it past the 1st round he should make it to the 3rd. Silva always goofs off in the 1st, and then starts to flurry towards the end of it. Should Okami survive the flurry then in the second I think Silva will start to pace himself. I see Silva using a lot of legs kicks and jabs. Okami is just too slow to close the distance.

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