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mauricio shogun rua vs. forrest griffin


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Both fighters look in phenomenal shape. These are two of my favorite. Hoping for a great fight. Hopefully it doesn't end to quick.


that would suck, at the same time i hope something epic happens like the fedor vs. henderson fight. some crazy ****, then anderson vs. okami would have to top that. then this would make for the best UFC.

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talk about being in shape' date=' i dont see no gut on shogun but a ton of bricks on griffin.


and talk about a disrespect staredown, griffin seems confident in this photo. could be a one sided beating in favor of griffin.


who you guys got? i got shogun, not confident in my pick though.[/quote']


in the staredown i thought forrest looked a bit hesitant he looked confident up until then but at the staredown hes trying to look confident but hes really thinking "oh ****! what have i got myself into"

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