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How did Nog get that KO? does he have good hands?


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Yes Gangs,


I'm very happy that my Deja Vu came true. Did you ever have one? If you have, you know how it feels when you see something happen before it comes true. . .


Like I said earlier, I was putting it to the Ultimate test on the forums.


However, I'm still a leary of how many Brazilians won in the UFC event. Bring them to the U.S./Las Vegas & you will not hear about most of them.

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Schaub can take his GI & purple belt & clear off.


Overrated bum


Finally an unbiased and truthful comment. The same thing i've been saying - Schaub is an overrated guy who has one credible and one half credible win, other than fighting total cans. And also, he lost to Nelson! Man, give me a break. And to see how many people (read: children) on this forum actually believed he was gonna beat Big Nog, i was amazed.

Good thing is, there are at least 10% of normal adult educated MMA fans here.



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Shaub didnt respect Nog as much as he was saying. I bet Shaub watched all the other fights and thought, i could easily do that. but what did he say in the interviews before hand?


"I could take Nog down and submit him, im pretty good on the ground too" That statement is BEGGING for a loss. Shaub was comtemplating that he would even have a chance on the ground against Nog?

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