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He's The Best but i think its time...


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Retire? You kidding? He needs to fight sonnen one more time and GSP (No, im not a GSP ****, I just want to see all the little fanboys whine and come up with excuses as to why GSP lost)...


and besides.. he could always move up if he wanted to. I dont think silva will retire until he loses... IF he loses.

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I want him to fight GSP as of a year and half ago. It will not happen' date=' though. GSP is flat out scared to fight Anderson Silva.[/quote']


Sadly I think GSP could beat Anderson. GSP will be able to take him down whenever he wants and he won't let Anderson circle around him like Yushin did. GSP also won't get submitted.


We all know Silva would destroy him striking, but of course GSP won't strike with him for a second. So I dunno what he's afraid of tbh.

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