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the commentating was completely


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biased in the Pearson/Barboza fight. everytime Barboza would throw anything mike and kenny jumped on his ****' date=' but would say nothing 90% of the time Pearson was outstriking him. anyone else notice?[/quote']


I already said in another thread that i thought Pearson should have won. He outstriked Barboza, he had the initiative ALL fight long and he was pushing the action. Barboza is an awesome striker and he did land few hard shots but like i said, so did Pearson and plus he was the aggressor. He was rocked once and that's it. I disagree with the decision. Should have been a UD or at least SD for Ross.

As for Kenny's commentating - no comment. He was stiff, dull, biased and uninteresting. I hate that retard Rogan very much but at least he makes it interesting.



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I like Pearson but anyone who thinks he won that fight is an imbecile. Including the judge who scored it for him.


When walking face first into punches/kicks and getting dropped and battered equals winning I'll move onto another sport.



Barboza clearly won the 2nd round but the 1st and 3rd were very close and a case could be made for either, I don't think in the end they got it wrong, but had they given it to Pearson it wouldn't have been the worst decision I have seen.

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