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Should The UFC Cut Okami?


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This guy needs to go back to the Pride league in Japan because he can't hang in Zuffa. Why come he even had a title shot?


Discussion? Thanx


Not at all. He's a very good fighter and was on a 3 fight win streak in the UFC. He just lost to the best P4P fighter in the world in Anderson Silva. Silva has a thing of making excellent fighters seem amateurish.

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I'm dead serous bro. Okami needs to stay in Japan. He can't fight and he can't speak English. Same with Dumb Young Kim and Korea.

cus he cant speak english he should get cut?

if pessimist pete had his way this is who we'd be without:


dos santos

yushin okami

cro cop

cheik kongo



dennis siver

and those are just of the top of my head and your saying okami cant fight he was until last night one of the top 3 middleweights in the world and hed kick you ass

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well i think they need to cut their damn selves!! Cause they tried to sell us okami as a legit contender that actually had a good shot at beating silva and that was the strongest middleweight! I mean they always do this to hype fights but this time it was so obvious they were talking ********!


Look at the fights he had, against the clown kalib starnes, rorry singer (who???), mike swick when he had health problems and was shrinking lol, lucio linhares (whooo??), evan tanner at the end of his career..... Only legit wins against people that matter were marquatd in a very unimpressive fight for both fighters and against munoz. He never was exciting, many descisions, no KOs just edging out opponents. I mean did any of you see the marquardt fight and said, hmmm okami is the one to beat anderson?!


Fakest build up and hype there has ever been. They just had noone else to give the title shot at the time.

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