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Going to conduct a study.....


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ufc 5 time limits but not 3 5 min rounds

ufc 14 was gloves

ufc 15 was were striking was limited with no groin hits and kicks to downed opponent

ufc 21 was 5 min rounds


Wow, thanks, stranger! I shall start with UFC 21 then, when all the rules were applied.

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Somebody's got to know right when the changes took effect. It happened shortly after the Fertitta's and Dana took over the biz... I don't know when that was.


Well I looked at tito's fight history. He stopped doing the long *** rounds at UFC 22 when he fought Frank Shamrock. So I think I'm in the right time frame.:cool:



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there were two round fights at that time' date=' the unified rules of mma weren't introduced until 2001, however from ufc 21 onwards probably were extremely similar anyway.[/quote']


Three rounds started ufc 22 and unified rules was in 2000 around ufc 27,28, or 29

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