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Brendan "Glass Jaw" Schaub


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First Big Country, then Big Nog. They both exposed this kids chin. Last night when I saw Schaub was hitting Big Nog with some bombs and not phasing him I knew he was in trouble. I saw in Schaubs face that HE knew he was in trouble. Big Nog was pressing the action and it was just a matter of time. As soon as I looked at my wife after she said, Brendan's hitting him with some big shots, I told her he has a suspect chin and BOOM. Big Nog proved it right away.


He will never be champ if he can't take a couple of hard shots. HW gatekeeper here you come Brendan. Have a seat right next to the Skyscraper thing.

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Does this prove Schaub is overrated ?


I mean he was losing to Mirko for christ's sake before the flash KO...


OR is he still evolving ?


Personally I think Schaub has been exposed & not worth the whatever hype was surrounding him...


Gatekeeper at very best IMO.



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