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New Rules for the UFC


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Recently BJ Penn suggested that UFC would become much more real and interesting if there were no judges or belts. Fights should end only by KO or submission, and if time ends with no KO or Tapout, it should be a draw. And there would be a point system that rewards only who wins and gives nothing to who draws or loses.


Personally I think BJ suggestions are very interesting, except there could still be a belt. The problem with the current UFC Rules is that fighters prefer to choose a defensive strategy, where they minimize risks. For instance, let's take 3 fights: Anderson Silva x Demian Maia, GSP x Jake Shields, and last night's Ross Pearson x Edson Barbosa... Clearly Silva, GSP and Barbosa won the fights by playing a defensive game. They avoided attacking for KO (because there was a risk to getting caught by the opponent's ground game) and relied on their good takedown defense and accurate punching power to wait for the opponent's attack. And they kept trowing punches and kicks. If they luckly get a KO, good, if not, they still win by points (which happened).


And we also see a lot of fighters using the ground and pound game just to score points. 90% of times they can't get a KO with ground and pound (unless they mount), and they don't go for submission either. So they are just playing the score for the judges game, and winning fights by being bureaucratic.


Lately we can see more and more fighters using similar strategy. So more and more fights are ending up in judges decision, or in TKO but not because fighters are being agressive, but because they are avoiding risks and luckly hitting a hard punch. Such game is forcing jiu-jitsu guys (like Maia and Shields), for exemplo, to learn a lot more boxing and kickboxing, so that they can also win fights by scoring points or eventually getting a TKO.


So, with the judges decision, it's not really MMA anymore, it's a game where fighters need to develop some particular skills that allow them to score more points for the judges. To be real MMA, fighters should be using their martial arts skills to be fully aggressive and win fights by taking risks with confidence. Then we would be able to see some real Mixed Martial Arts on the octagon.


Imagine if the UFC had rules where there would be no Judges decision, and fights would finish only by KO, TKO or Submission, with a score system like this:


Winner in the first round: 40 points

Winner in the second round: 30 points

Winner in the third, forth or fifth round: 20 points

Loss: 0 points

Draw: - 5 points for both fighters


Fighters would have to fight 3 times / year in events organized by the UFC. If they don't, they start loosing 10 points for each event they miss.


Always the fighter who holds the highest score in each weight category also holds the belt (is the champion) - whoever is close to reach or pass the champ score, is a title contender. If two fighters have the same amount of points, then whoever finished his fights earlier on the matches has the advantage. Bottom 3 or 5 fighters in each category, at the end of the year, are out, and new guys come in.


A system like this would be awesome. There would be a lot of advantages:


First: Fighters would step in the octagon to be aggressive and to win as fast as they can. The earlier the better. So the system would reward who take risks and go forth. It's the end of gaming or bureaucratic strategies. It's better to take risks and loose, than do not take risks and end up in a draw.


Second: Its the end of the personal judgement (or opinions) on the fights, its either win, loss or draw. No more polemics over what judges have assumed to be "aggressiveness" on a fight.


Third: Its also the end of the personal judgement for the matches, meaning that everybody knows who is, or who will be, the title contender. It doesn't have to be Dana's little secret anymore.


Forth: Fighters will rely on their basic martial art skills to win the fights as fast as they can. It will be true MMA, they won't have to learn or train skills just for impressing judges or to be able to win by decision.


Fifth: The shows will be much more exciting for the public and the fans. Imagine 2 fighters going with everything they can, to finish the fight as fast as they can. Surely every fight will be fight of the night.


UFC Rules today is too much a copy of Boxing. And there is a very high risk that, because of those rules, MMA becomes something like boxing (or kickboxing). That's what we've seen in basically all fights on UFC Rio last night.


To preserve the real MMA, UFC must also innovate its rules system, until it finds something that, besides bringing great shows to the public, it also preserves the Mixed Martial Arts character of it. Where the real value is on what every martial art has it... not only few of them.


Let me know your thoughts on that...

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dumb @$$ idea could'nt come up wit any thing worse the rules (as stated above r made by the AC) are fine the way they are u cant fault anyone for doin anything they can to win yes it would b more exciting if they all went for a finish but if u dont like it dont watch thats just my opinion but i guess to each they own

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god NO PLEASE UFC dont listen to BJPenn, i like seeing guys at the top of thier division and BJPenn is just pissed he lost his belt and secondly he wasnt saying that when he had the belt was he?


no he wasnt....he was ALL for, having his belt. BJPenn cherished that belt, wanted to marry that belt..


i dont think it would be more realistic at all, i DO however think UFC would be better getting rid of the stupid upkick rule.

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Do you guys actually like to see a fight like GSP x Shields or Silva x Maia ?... The only thing excited about those 2 fights were Anderson's bull****ing Maia... The rest... Come on !!! Five rounds of boring crap where the champions just used the judges decision.. Fights like these are a waste of my PPV money...


For those who have brains and actually can read, I could careless about BJ Penn, however, it is ****ing true that UFC is turning into a K1. The days of grappling (Jiu-Jitsu and Wrestling) are almost over. And that's because of judges decision.


Look at most of the champions we have, they are guys with good kickboxing who are really well trained to avoid takedowns... That's it... Nothing else to do, they will always have the judges decision.


Nobody wants to go back in time. Every other rule should remain the same, the only thing that must be changed is judges decision. And yes, there are plenty of ways to improve that.


I must agree nobody will do **** now, because Dana is making a lot of money.. But we must start complaining about wasting our money on crappy fights that end up going to judges decision. That's UFC's fault because it exists judges decision..

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I only read the first few lines. From that little bit though, I can tell that you're just beating a dead horse. Seriously, this is only like the 1 millionth time that somebody has found sand in their ****** due to the Unified Rules. How bout instead of *****ing and moaning, you have yourself a Midol and a good ******, so none of us have to read you *****ing about your itch and odor. Or........., SHUT THE **** UP!!!

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Thought there were man who know about fights in this forum... and who could discuss a fighting system... I was WROOONG !!! It seems like there are just ladies in this forum.. two types of ladies actually.


Ladies who sucked BJ's **** and didn't get proper payment, so they get all hysterical when somebody mention his name...


And Ladies who are dreaming of sucking Dana's ****, so they never question what UFC does... they just think is all good..


Keep going *****es ...

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