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Great Speech Ever


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That's a good one' date=' but I like Gherig's the best. Very emotional, especially if you know about him.[/quote']


That was a good one. Did you know Joe DiMaggio stole part of Gehrig's speech? "Today I consider myself to be the luckiest man on the face of the Earth", DiMaggio said that to Marylin Monroe the first time they had sex.

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For those interested, the speech comes from "The Great Dictator" which was Chaplin's first talking picture (he continued to do silent films well into the era of sound). In it he plays the Jewish Barber, and it is a very clear jab at Hitler - which caused Charlie a good deal of grief by the studios as America was still technically at peace with Nazi Germany when the film was made.


I don't wish to rush to hyperbole and proclaim it as one of the all time classic films, but I will say it is my personal favorite Chaplin film, and stands the test of time quite well. I would recommend any who haven't seen it yet, to go check it out, especially if you're a film buff or enjoy older features.


And to echo other's sentiments, yes, it's a very well crafted and delivered speech...we may never live in the world he wishes for us, but our failures to reach utopia should not deter our hearts' desire to continue to strive for a world filled with love, peace and prosperity.

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