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There should be an instruction manual for those hired to be a host


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Man I love Florian but he sucks as a host. His interviewing skills are horrible. also when interviewing a fighter after a fight, make sure they have their mouthguard off. Lastly fire that fat fu{k side kick host, been watching UFC since it started, and I still don't know his name, all i know is he's a co(sucker and kissarsser

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Florian def needs some work in the field, but c'mon.. the interviews would've sucked last night even if Rogan was doing it for reasons I mentioned in another thread.


-Every fighter needed a translator. A couple of them needed two.


-It's hard to control an interview when you don't know what the person is saying, thus when his point was made or not and when to cut him off or not..


-Every fighter went on and on excessively b/c they were so amped to have won in their home crowd


-It was Florian's first time.




All of that combined is what made it awkward. Yeah, it wasn't that great of a production, but give him a break.

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If he is fluent in Portuguese why the tranlsator then.


love to see that one


kenny: "so, what did you think of your performance?"


anderson silva: "Fiquei impressionado com o meu desempenho e espero colocar em um show para voc? e os f?s. Brasil! Nunca ser?, nunca ser?!"


kenny: "alright so guys he said he was impressed by his performance and hopes he put on a show.... trust me on that"

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