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do not sig bet silverr


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he lost one this weekend and has not put it up yet.


WHERE YOU AT SILVERR "GOBLIN__ is a BEAST with infinite knowledge"


man up


he hasn't put mine up either. i was thinking he might wait a couple days to get on tho. but we bet on the pearson/barboza fight! haha i see you put mine up! good ****.

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Just give him like 6 days. That's what i did with prodigy. Or just bet people that have a lot of posts since it usually means there always on here haha. shinsplint or whatever has like 30' date='000 posts.[/quote']


they do not like to bet me because o f my post count which is weak,


however shin did have a GOBLIN stamp in his sgi for awhile. he picked dong over condit LOL

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