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This Week In Fantasy Football: Week 4


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I'm starting to get less and less enthused about the fantasy season. I dropped to 2-2 after losing to the first place team this week 99.04-83.04. I'm now in 7th place in a 12 team league (and out of playoff contention) and I have to believe I'm too far down on the waiver wire to be able to pick up anyone significant this week. I have no studs on my team this season with the exception of L. McCoy and if you wanna call a Kicker a stud, N. Rackers. But the rest of my starters and bench included have been less than impressive. Tony Romo could have had a better than average day yesterday and then the second half of his game started:( . Injuries have already decimated my team to the point where I was easily over a 100 points for the first two weeks of the season and now I'm barely getting to 80 the last two.


Drops after week 3: Kenny Britt:mad: (WR-TN), J. Campbell (QB-OAK), M. Lewis (TE-JAC), CJ Spiller (RB-BUF)


Adds: R. Lindell (K-BUF), F. Davis (TE-WAS), T. Smith (WR-BAL), San Francisco 49ers DEF


Trades: Traded Peyton Hillis to another team for Larry Fitgerald. I'm now really regretting this trade. L. Fitzgerald had 10.20 points this week...his QB K. Kolb (my backup) had 5.58 points. I have never liked K. Kolb as a QB and my trading for L. Fitz knowing what I knew about K. Kolb has me kicking myself. I've had Krappy Kolb since the season started and he's never had more than 19 points in any game (WK-3 11.68; WK-2 16.04.; WK-1 18.26) AND HIS POINTS FROM WEEK TO WEEK HAS STEADILY DECLINED AS THE SEASON HAS PROGRESSED! I don't believe the Cardinals have enough confidence in this guy to let him put it in the air on a consistent basis. I'm going to see if I can trade L. Fitzgerald and hopefully pick up a second stud, but I know it's highly unlikely. I can't deal with K. Kolb any longer either. Maybe I can package him with Fitzgerald in a deal. I need a bye week QB for Romo and unfortunately I may have to grab Alex Smith if I can't get rid of Kolb in a trade.



My Team starters from this past week


QB- T. Romo

RB- L. McCoy

RB- R. Mendenhall

WR- D. Bryant

WR- L. Fitzgerald

TE- S. Chandler

W/R- D. Moore

K- R. Lindell

DEF- Steelers



This whole week was overall pretty bad for me football wise. Things don't look so great for my Steelers also whose offensive line, with the exception of the Bears, has got to be the worst in the league right now. I wouldn't even try and trade for M. Wallace or B. Roethlisberger at this point knowing Ben will rarely have enough time to get any throws off. Oh yeah...and James Harrison is already out of next week's game with a orbital bone fracture, and Ben is probable with a foot sprain. Maybe not our year :-(

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