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Fight of the Day: Gray Maynard vs Donald Cerrone


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I think Cerrone's Muay Thai is enough to confuse Gray, and his ground game is superb. I think Cerrone definitely has a chance against Gray, better than a chance really. But odds are Gray would use his wrestling to hold Cerrone down as much as he could.


Official pick: Donald Cerrone by outpointing Gray with strikes.

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Cowboy KO's Maynard via cranekick -


That would be awesome.


It would be a tough fight to call. I do think that Maynard's wrestling would be good enough to take Cerrone down. Ultimately though I think Cerrone has good enough BJJ of his back to submit Maynard. Cerrone has the better striking and better BJJ and Maynard has the better wrestling. Wouldn't be surprised if Maynard won by lay n pray but I give Cerrone the edge.

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