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UFC 136.....sickest card of 2011?


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This card is bewildering. Like somebody said in another thread it's almost like a fan put it together...


Maynard vs Edgar III... Kenflo vs Jose, Stan vs Sonnen, Guillard vs Lauzon, the rematch of Phan and Garcia, Demian Maia vs Jorge Santiago!?! Stephens vs Pettis..


Not to mention the Mongolian Wolf is fighting which is always a treat.


This is easily the sickest card the UFC has put together in a long time and it's also going to be the first card I have bought in a long time.


Just me, my buddy, a bottle of Scotch-Whiskey and the fights! Can't wait. :cool:

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Ya this card looks great from pretty much prelims to the fight card, it looks spectacular to the people who think 137 looks just as good/better lol srsly? Diaz vs Bj is good also mitrione vs kongo should be a stand up fight but the rest of the card meh. GSP may just grind on condit with his wrestling and get a ud (its a real possibilty and very probable) Roy vs Crocop???? the card as a whole doesnt match 136 but just imo. Im piumped for the fights this weekend for sure.

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