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BJ Penn vs Anthony Rumble Johnson



Well, BJ Penn is noted for being one of if not the most talented and skilled fighters ever, but he's undersized lets face it at 155lbs he looks like he could go to 145 if he really wanted to. Still has significant knockout power, great chin, great technique and speed. Strong takedown defense, amazing Jiu Jitsu. Only thing that's ever lacked for BJ Penn is heart and determination, which is why his cardio has been weak. Though those things can mean everything surely.


Rumble being a fighter who really relies on athleticism and sheer size which generates his power. He's 6'2 and walks around a solid and fit 220lbs. He has strong wrestling, huge knockout power for the division in his hands and feet. Now, his striking isn't amazing or technical he just combines size, power and aggression to be effective against smaller, weaker opponents. The one time he fought a fellow athletic and powerful Welterweight in Koscheck, his striking didn't look so powerful or dynamic even one could argue Koscheck outstruck him, definitely outwrestled and fought him ( Okay guys eyepokes, I've heard it enough shut the hell up ). I think Rumble needs to really focus he's 27 now and has a lowsy record of 10-3 and his biggest win being Brennaman but his hype as always is HUGE.




Really insane fight stylistically, to watch someone like BJ Penn defeat Rumble, or to watch Rumble beatdown Penn. This fight is too awesome to not be made. If Penn gets through Nick, MAKE IT HAPPEN. Would make a lot of sense, then I say give Penn a title shot he beat a large, physical and strong wrestling 170lber. If Rumble wins he should get a number 1 contender fight, Fitch, Ellenberger or even Rory at the time not sure how things will play out.




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I would go with BJ, but I think Rumble has a good chance unless BJ gets him to the ground. On the feet I think it would be pretty even but I would give an edge to Rumble because of his reach advantage, explosiveness, kicks, and power. I think BJ would have a hard time getting Rumble down also but if he did I think he would find a submission for sure. That's a good match-up, I would like to see it.

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Wow. I can't believe the guy who got COMPLETELY outclassed by Koscheck in every area of the fight is actually being picked to beat the best boxer in MMA with a black belt in BJJ.


Penn wins this easily.


I don't know if BJ Penn is the best boxer in Mixed Martial Arts, that hype kind of went over my head everytime I heard it, he's certainly not the best striker which is whats always most relevant.


But honestly best boxing? Gegard Mousasi, Vitor Belfort, Anderson Silva, Frankie Edgar, Georges St. Pierre, Junior Dos Santos, Prime Cro Cop and others definitely deserve an argument I'd say. Gsp might seem crazy to many.



I don't know though, standing Johnson has huge lead and power roundhouses and they would see effective to the head and body of Penn very much so. He has a power and reach advantage standing with his hands, and he can definitely take BJ down if needed and attempt to smother with superior wrestling and vast size.



Anthony is like the worst matchup possible for BJ Penn at 170lbs, or poses the most problems for him on paper I should say. But I think BJ Penn has a lot more skill, and Anthony has a lot of undeserved hype. Would be such an interesting fight and to be honest one of the few fights I can ever recall where I can't even slightly lean towards a winner.

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