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Union Fighting MMA in New York crazy webiste


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Dana should dial it back.


But his fighters have health care


His fighters are rarely, if ever, pitted to a 1 sided miss match


The UFC spreads out their money more than boxing.


There are many fan expos and community work done by the UFC and its fighters.



If you took away Danas silly attitude, you have a very concerned boss, who takes really good care of his fighters, and fans. Only thing thing id like to see him do is set up more grass roots fights to build fighters, rather than let other organizations do it. He considers organizations like MFC and Bellator to be good for start ups. It would be great to see UFC just to minor events. Just set up 2,000 seats, non televised events in 5-10 places around the states/canada. The name UFC brand will sell out those seats. Fighters will be taken care of by the best UFC trained staff. And could give amazing scouting for the UFC and a lot of the top training camps.



If Dana/UFC does that, he could talk **** all day.

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haha, these New Yorkers bashing an entire sport based on the president of one organisation

yet they allow boxing, and one of their own NY athletes that was later inducted into the hall of fame got sent to prison for rape, and constantly got into physical scuffles with his opponents inside and outside the ring

get off your high-horse you conformists cretins, how ****ing hypocritical can you be?!


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New York sucks anyway. That is where I lived the majority of my life and where I was born. It is full of ultra liberal legislature that loves to do nothing more than pass regulations and make deals. Its just too perfect that it is some pissed off union making all the noise. Proves my point exactly. The UFC will be in NY, the legislature just wants a never ending piece of the pie, and those liberals like a big piece. Take a look at the taxation situation in NY you do not even get to keep half of the money you earn. I was making 100K when I left and bringing home a check in the high 800's every week.

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Here's the email I just sent them -


"Dear Culinary Union,


Thanks so much for the thoroughly enchanting website. I particularly enjoyed the way you type **** in some instances, and (expletive) in another. It's simply marvellous. You really love to type the word ****, don't you? I like the word **** as well. I also like the word ****. I think we may be kindred spirits, and perhaps we should meet up for dinner? You could cook it, obviously. Please do not think I am interested in you just for the ****s and the food, I can assure you I am not that shallow.


Anyway, I'll keep it short and sweet. Thanks for all the ****s, but come on! Please make more of an effort on *****. I trawled your entire site and couldn't find a single example of the word.


Looking forward to your reply, and hopefully lots more ****s and at the very least, a peppering of *****.




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