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Chuck Norris a Conspiracy Theorist, believes they are creating a One World Order


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This is 2 years ago, but I doubt that Chuck Norris has changed his views that much from then.



The Fox news guy doesn't know what the big deal about having a one world order is, so Chuck actually has to explain it to him! Duh, if we have a one world order then most of the power in the world becomes centralized, and we will have a giant government telling us all what to do.


But, you know what. I am proud to be a citizen of the USA, and proud that we have friends like the UK and Australia!


War Chuck Norris for telling it how it is!

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It's probably the only way to ensure we will eventually become a type 1 civilization.


Centralization of power=control. Depending on what is done with that control can be good

or bad. It could be good for progress but bad for freedom and creating destabilization to the point of rebellion.


Make no mistake we already don't have many freedoms to begin with so the question becomes is the payoff worth it?


Hard to say it's very complicated and no one can predict the future.

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