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Kick heard around the world


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Is there anyone else out there that think that the kick could have been set up?

Just because i have next to nothing for posts, I'm not trolling. I've thought this since watching the replay. After it happened live I sat there in shock for about ten minutes with my jaw dropped.


Anways, on to my point


All the main replay shows is Pettis hitting the fence then kicking Bendo.

Before this happens Pettis throws a high kick which is blocked, Bendo falls back onto the cage, stands up straight and then with his left foot touches the cage.

Pettis kinda nods and runs to bounce of the fence.

Same time Bendo circles to the right, drops his hands and shoves his chin out.


I could be mistaken but it just seems that way.


I don't wanna hear "Why would Bendo do that?" or "That's stupid"

I just want to know if anyone else thinks the same.

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I have not re-watched the replay, but I specifically remember thinking that Hendo had considered a superman punch from a push off the cage, which he thought better of. Pettis then capitalised with the showtime kick.


Your observation would be perfectly plausible if there were other supporting evidences which led you to believe it was a set up...


But the facts remain that Hendo does throw superman punches off the cage (just like Belcher did against Akiyama, I think)... And Pettis does perform wild and athletic moves. Therefore no reason for being so suspicious actually exists.

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I understand where you're coming from, regarding Bendo dropping his hands. It kind of looks fishy.


But, from my perspective, it seems as though Ben thought he was out of immediate danger. Pettis threw the head kick, and then ran for the cage. We can't be sure what Ben was thinking, but I assume he thought that he was out of trouble.

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whats stupid is people like you that base everything off post counts' date=' and majority of the posts are pointless[/quote']


That's stupid


btw buddy i joined in 2009 and have 605 posts 98% of my post are about MMA soo from 2009-2011 only 605 post means im not really active here nor do i care about post counts

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