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some odds o.O


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Munoz is overrated and will never be a true contender. Mittrione is exciting but will never really be a conteder either.


They're probably the favorites because Leben and Kongo are veterans that aren't considered as good as they once were. Really' date=' who cares though?[/quote']


I'm pretty sure Leben is at his all time high in the division, either now or right before the Stann fight. Kongo was more of an image to people who thought he'd be something in the division honestly, he'll always be a solid fighter but stay hovering around 8-12th in the division in my honest opinion.


Mitrione has promise, but I think he needs lean down and add a little muscle. Even at heavyweight there's no reason for a guy like him to carry the fat he does because some muscle wont slow him down he's a HUGE guy, 6'3 83inch reach 263lbs, no reason not to be lean like Dave Herman, Cigano or Junior Dos Santos in my opinion. He needs the strength to combat the wrestlers too. Besides that he just needs to grow as a fighter.


Munoz, I think he's overrated for a National Champion in wrestling, his wrestling hasn't transfered into MMA well at all. His striking isn't bad, not amazing though he has power and aggression.

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I think there about dead even. Although i could see Kongo being a underdog. Though I can not really see Leben being a underdog he's got alright submissions also better striking and a better chin than Munoz does.Which evens out with Munoz's good wrestling IMO.

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