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Henderson next MW conteder with win?


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With this just posted on mmajunkie i have to say don't agree with it.


Now Chael's a favorite to beat stann and if he does i would much rather see that rematch 1st. I'm sure along with a lot of the other fans.


Chael vs Silva 2 is so much more interesting than Hendo vs Silva 2


If Stann wins i could see the argument for Hendo because Stann hasn't really made his big mark in the division just yet.

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Wtfffff' date=' Hendo is fighting Shogun at LHW NOT MW why should he get a title shot at a different weight class.[/quote']


Beating shogun means something, almost means more if you beat Shogun at 205 and can move down to 185 and perform to your fullest still. It's like saying Anderson deserves no credit at 185 for killing Forrest, it's just stupid.

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