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King of The Hill Anyone? (Game)


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Hey all.

I posted this in another section, and it was pointed out to me that it might get better results in this section.

Another forum that I am apart of has this game called King of The Hill. It is basically the real life version, only forum-fied.

The rules are simple. Your job to claim the hill. you do that in one single post. post format go like this:


State how you claim the hill

On a new line, state that the hill is now yours.


You can claim the hill from anyone, in any way, no matter how silly or serious it is.



Player B: I kick player A so hard, that he breaks the sound barrier, and enters a new Zip Code.

My Hill!


Player C: I use a freeze ray to freeze player B, then I use a hammer to smash him.

My Hill




Dying has no affect on rather or not you can claim the hill again.

The only real rules are: Don't control another players movements. And If two people reply to the post at the same time claiming the hill, than who-ever's post is at the bottom of the thread is the King of the Hill.


It can be a fun way to interact with one another. And it goes over well at the other forum.

If you think it is a dumb idea, obviously, you do not have to play.


I will start off with:

No one is on the hill. So I walk up to the top of it.

My hill.

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