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********** MightyMouseUFC in Gears of War 3


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Made buying gears of war 3 worth it. Mighty mouse rolls with a full team of semi pros but they couldnt handle me. We knew who he was and always went after him - down him, teabag him till he gets back up, and do it again :).


Im not a fan of mightymouse but i started following him on twitter to get into one of his matches. Hes a cool guy and if you ask me how good a gears player he is I will tell you he plays gears as good as a professional MMA fighter can.

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To a point you gotta envy these guys lifestyle man. They get a decent amount of down time for video games make great money and travel.


I would never do it because lets face it im a lover not a fighter. But credit is due for sure.


Hey! I'm a lover too, but I'd sure as hell love to get paid to kick ***. . .


or get mine kicked lol.

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