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Nick Diaz???


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Somebody please explain to me Why, Nick didnt want to promote his match against GSP. All i heard is because he didnt want to go to a UFC beauty pagent. From watching him growing up back in 03 to now. My opinion he had all the tools to put up a good match. Boxing, good chin and sick B.J.J. and confidence and expierence.


Im disbelief listening to his bickering that fighters are scared to fight him and he fights for chump change. When this was his chance to make big bucks. Knowing he has to promote to make even bigger bucks. I just dont understand.


If Penn beats Nick. Then you could say good bye to Nicks chances. Condit has a huge chance to dethrown GSP if he can set up a good game plan against GSP relentless takedowns.


Whats your opinion why, Nick would do this huge mistake. When he was on top of the world as well with all his wins in strikeforce.

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I'm not sure if Diaz even understood the implications of what he was doing by missing all those flights and press conferences. I think he is being dumb for doing that, but I don't think he did that as a way to duck out of the fight, the fight was not for another two months!


Fact is Diaz should know better because all the other fighters do it. If it was me in charge of the company I would be mad too if this guy I worked so hard to bring back missed multiple fights and press obligations because he is not taking it seriously. I have no doubt Diaz would have fought by fight time, again I don't think he did it to duck the fight, I believe he did it because he is ignorant to his own responsibilities (not acceptable).


Now that Dana gave him BJ Penn in what is likely a number 1 contenders fight, the situation is still good because now Diaz can prove if he is a top welterweight in the UFC if he can beat BJ Penn. Also Condit will do what Diaz did not and still provides an interesting fight for GSP. If Diaz truly belongs in a title fight he will beat BJ and smarten up about his responsibilities as a top fighter.

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