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Anybody take dump's in public toilet's & not flush ?


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lmao yo you are prolly one of the funnier dudes to ever come across this forum' date=' but on the real when I was like 14 I peed on a public bathrooms seat, just drenched it like an a hole,..walked out and felt bad for the old guy in line next to go pee:D[/quote']


Like a boss....


pissing on the seat aint bad....


It's the next in line bloke's problem.:D

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Man i lifeguard at this resort and this kid was giving me a hard time over petty things


Well i cought him crapping on the floor just being a bad kid....i let his old military dad know he did this


Not oly did the kid have to clean it up with no gloves but he got the badest beating...man it made my day

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