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The LW division


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UFC 136 is a big night for the LW division.. It will get things rolling in probably the deepest division in the UFC... I hate to say this but Bj Penn getting beat and moving to WW was probably the best thing for the division..


Sooo we got... Maynard vs Edgar, Guillard vs Lauzon, Pettis vs Stephenson, Bendo vs Guida, Siver vs Cerrone, Matt Wiman, Raphael Dos Anjos vs Gleison Tibau, Jim Miller, Nate Diaz... AND last but not least.... GILBERT MELENDEZ is coming!!!


Off topic but Diaz vs Wiman would be sick!


Anways who do you think will be champion 1 year from now?


If I was to guess I would probably say Ben Henderson or Gilbert Melendez

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If Maynard gets past Edgar then Maynard. Some people dont know how good Maynard is. Next in line would probably be Ben Henderson when he has a good game plan for the fight. Bendo will beat Guida most IMO, not counting Guida out though, Cerrone is also a threat. Very crafty. Nate Diaz is also coming off an over impressive win so basically...LEt the dice roll and well see as time unfolds

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