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Rashad Evans next opponent ?


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Machida beats JBJ for the title.


Shogun beats Hendo at 139.


Machida v Shogun 3 for the title headlining UFC Japan


Evans v JBJ for no1 contender


Shogun beats Machida' date=' becomes champ, Evans beats JBJ.


Shogun v Evans for the title. JBJ moves to HW[/quote']


Shogun isn't making that big of a comeback anymore.

Infact, if he fought Machida a third time,I think Machida would pick him apart big time.


As for the poll, I took rampage. We love the drama those two create, so why not throw them back in there again. Rashad needs to get a warm up fight in before he even dares step foot in the octagon against Jon Jones. I don't care if the man has trained with him. Jones is no big secret, he's just that good and that powerful that Rashad won't have a snowballs chance in hell if he goes in there without a warm up fight.

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