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Do you think ufc 136 is the best event of 2011 ??


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Honestly, when you see Maia vs Santiago on Spike you know this event is stacked !!


In my pinion, UFC 136 is the best of 2011 (talking about hype) considering that so many questions will be answered tonight:


1. Who is the undisputed LW champ, period ??


2. Is Aldo the real deal at FW ?


3. Should Florian retire and be a commentator ? LOL


4. Is Sonnen the #2 of MW ??


5. Is Stann the real deal ?


6. Will Guillard make a statement tonight ??


7. How will Sonnen react since he will be fighting with no roids ?


8. Will Sonnen suffer with ring rust ??


9. Is Edgar, really the "answer" ? LOL


Which other answers are you looking forward tonigh ??


Some of you can say about ufc 127 or UFC Rio, but IMHO, ufc 127 and ufc rio were kinda predictable, really. While ufc 136 has a lot in store for all ufc fans !!!

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