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Facebook prelims


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Thanks for your help' date=' its as I thought re FB and the Spike stuff doesn't get shown on any channel here as far as I can see, thanks again.[/quote']


FB stuff is only available on the night. Stream the spike fights, that's what I'll be doing.

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this is exactly the type of stupidity i'd expect from a brit.


Do one you little mug, you always give **** to any UK fans on here, u should defo be a poster boy for the keyboard warrior brigade :rolleyes:


UFC.tv is streaming the Spike fights for us in the UK, you just need to register for free first. Other than that, just hope for quick finishes in the main events and then they will fill the space with prelim fights!!! Seeing as there are two title fights, there could be a lot of space to fill if they both end early... :cool:

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