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Melvin Guillard is a PUNK! (And he deserves better!)


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Why the UFC is being complicit in his punkery is beyond me.


For such an incredibly talented fighter, who is easily top five material, to continuously call out those who may squeak into the top 20, is at best, a cheap way to earn a KOTN bonus. At worst, it's just a punk picking guys he knows he can beat.


But, while we expect a modicum of responsibility on the fighter's and their manager's part to pick opponents that are close enough in the talent/ skill level, that a win actually means something, the real responsibilty, (and blame,) for relevent matchups fall on the shoulders of the UFC.


In the case of a guy like Anderson Silva, who is so far ahead of the rest of his division, you can't really blame them for feeding him sub-par opponents.


But such is not the case with Guillard. Since his guillotine loss to Nate Diaz in 2009(?,) he has not only been greatly improving his game, he has appeared to be devastating force to be reckoned with, and should've, by now, been lined up for a title run.


Why then is the UFC, in his last, and current opponent,


A: Destroying, (or significantly setting back,) their careers by feeding them to a fighter they have no hope of winning against. There is no lesson, or experience that one can gain from being completely overwhelmed in the cage, so they are obviously not trying to "help" these fighters to the next level?


B: Giving Guillard what he wants in grossly mismatched opponents in the hopes of winning a sham KOTN?


C: Stifling a legitimate title run for Guillard, by giving him substandard competiton?


I for one, want to see his talent challenged against legitimate top 5 opponents where he belongs. I feel as though I don't get my money's worth seeing him fight these legit up and comers that don't belong in the cage with him.


Don't get me wrong, Joe Lauzon is a crafty veteran, who, at his best, will NEVER break into the top 5, and barely makes the top ten, if that. He will be overwhelmed by Guillard's speed and power, (ala J. Jones vs. Matsushenko.) But Shane Roller!? This guy had a great come-from-behind TKO against an arguably better fighter, (certainly, if you listened to Joe Rogan's commentary during that fight,) only to be smashed by the UFC in spoon-feeding him to Melvin Guillard in his next fight. What did they have against this kid?


This Guillard business is indicative of a larger trend in the UFC for mismatches, and missed opportunities. You will notice the betting lines for recent cards have had much wider margins. Given the owners are in the gambling business, I almost wonder if they've got some action going on the side?


Either way, it makes for a diluted, less valuable product. I hate to think we're sacrificing quality for quantity.

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