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MMA GOAT's Per Division


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Just wanna get a look of where people's minds are at.


Heavyweight: Fedor Emelianenko


Heavyweight has always been the weakest division talentwise, but one guy managed to rise above and defeat everyone given to him. He dominated for a very long time. He may be nothing now, but that's simply because the talent these days are way higher than he's ever faced. He is the HW GOAT in my eyes though, no question about it.


Light Heavyweight: Dan Henderson


There's no question for this, in my opinion. The Henderson vs. Shogun fight was, what I called, the fight to determine who the best LHW of all time was. They both have the some of the most killer resumes in MMA history, and they finally squared off to see who truly was the greatest. That one, was Dan Henderson.


Middleweight: Anderson Silva


He may be the GOAT period. This guy makes everyone he's ever fought look like garbage, and he's fought the best. He can toy around with his opponents, and make light of them and then knock them out or submit them. He has no trouble doing whatever he wants to his opponents. None whatsoever. Anderson is the MW GOAT, and also, IMO, the MMA GOAT.


Welterweight: Georges St. Pierre


Here's a guy who's definitely made a statement. I think that he has only recently taken up this position, but he has it now. I formerly had Matt Hughes as GOAT WW, but GSP has done more lately. He fights stellar comp, and nobody has an answer to him. He just picks apart his enemy's weakness, and dominates.


Lightweight: BJ Penn


It's quite possible that Edgar is close to pushing BJ Penn completely out of my lineup, but for now, it's BJ Penn. He revolutionized MMA, and during his prime, he was a destroyer. A killer. Nobody had anything for him, and GSP had to cheat to beat him. He has also had success in the weight class above him.



Featherweight and Bantamweight, I'm not sure has one yet, but I know Aldo is probably gonna clinch his spot as a GOAT anytime now.

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Lhw:its a merry go now...but i guess hendo








Looking at wec as the prime promo and many asian promos here cuz the ufc does not have a big history yet (but it is counting)


Fw:faber (aldo is on his heels cuz faber had a head start)


Bw:torres (cruz is on his heels aswell)

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HW: Fedor Emelianenko- as of right now. If JDS defends his title successfully a handful of times he'll take over. Weakest division overall by far.


LHW: Wanderlei Silva- 5 year title reign in PRIDE. Wins over Rampage, Sakuraba, and Hendo to name a few. Hendo could surpass him with a UFC title win and a defense or two. Shogun and Liddell get honorable mentions.


MW: Anderson Silva- I dislike the guy, but he's the best. Unstoppable since entering the UFC. 9 straight successful title defenses. Will keep the all time MW crown for a long while.


WW: Matt Hughes- wins over Sherk, Trigg, GSP, Penn, Almeida, Royce and Renzo Gracie, Serra, etc. GSP could surpass him with a few more title defenses (Diaz, Condit, Ellenberger) if he can finish a couple of them.


LW: BJ Penn- wins over Florian, Sherk, Pulver, Sanchez, and Hughes. Never knocked down, never submitted. Edgar could take over the top spot with successful defenses against Bendo, Cerrone, and one or two more.


FW: Jose Aldo- division is still young but he's been the most dominant champion so far.


BW: Dominick Cruz- same as Aldo. I could see Faber possibly taking over. We'll see.

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