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Jones/Machida: Strategy Talk


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Jones is gonna go for Machida's legs, for sure. He's gonna aim for leg kicks, knee kicks, clinch and push him against the cage, and knee his legs from that position. He wants to take away Machida's mobility and speed, like Shogun did. He wants to methodically break Lyoto's base down and land takedowns in the later rounds after he's weakened. And he wants to finish with GNP.


I think it's a safe bet that Jones'll attempt to do exactly this, but what kind of things can Lyoto do to prevent it? Can Machida find a way to counterstrike Jones' offense? Will he capitalize on the openings that Jones leaves when he tries flashy stuff? Can he successfully avoid the clinch game?


I think one key aspect of this fight is distance. Guys like Shogun and Rampage stood right in front of Jones' range, almost waiting to get hit and wondering why it was so hard to close the distance on him. I see Machida standing way back, waiting for Jones himself to close the distance and find his range, then capitalizing on the holes that are there when Jon pushes forward. Also, when Jones throws his attacks and runs away to avoid counters, Lyoto may have the speed to catch him with something as he's moving back.

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