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not overrated' date=' he went in wreckless thinking hes invincible. Way too overconfident. Hopefully he gets someone like Pettis.[/quote']


No it was way overrated. His striking is only good against strikers who can't throw a punch, he comes in throwing bombs against chumps until they get knocked out. When he fights non chumps who aren't even great strikers his striking looks not great. My opinion, people saying Guillard would knockout anyone in division are just idiots who hold onto his dynamic knockouts over pioor adversaries on the feet. His chin is bad, rocked by Joe Stevenson and Lauzon? Small punches too. No offense, I love watching him its always exciting knowing how he fights but his speed and striking was always overrated to me. Wait until he faces a good striker, its been a long, long time since he has.



Barboza vs Guillard? Makdessi vs Guillard? Shalarous vs Guillard? Please stop giving him opponents he can easily knockout to build undeserved hype on his striking.

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