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Why did Maynard stop fighting??


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Im not really sure. Maybe he gassed or maybe he injured his hand or something or maybe he was amazed that this terminator like being was still in front of him fighting after he gave it all he's got.


It's kind of like when this little runt breaks a bottle over some big dudes head in a bar and the big dude just turns around like it was nothing with rage in his eyes.


The runt is like....oh ****.....


Maybe he thought if he came out like that again and didn't put him away he'd have nothing left.


Really though idk. It was almost like he gave up trying to impose his will.

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It was seriously heart-wrenchingly stressful to watch Maynard not be able to do anything.


If you had to break it down, you could say he got lucky landing those shots in the first round. He tried to connect after, but Frankie's footwork and speed are just relentless. Gray got schooled by technique, that is all.


Speed and technique kills power.

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