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Do you think Kenny Florian is finished now?


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This is what makes MMA fans so irritating at times... The lack of respect for fighters like Florian...


What have you done' date=' to call him a coward?[/quote']


Look at the size and height difference between him and Aldo. Kenny walks at 170 pounds. He is a lightweight and starved himself to pick on smaller guys. Watch 135 is next.

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It's not my fault Florian chokes' date=' 4 weight classes? tsk tsk[/quote']


Kenny fought over 20 times in the UFC. Holds a very good record. Is a VERY skilled fighter. Took one of the best fighter in the world to 5 rounds.


What did you do?


Probably choked on some potato chips is my guess...

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He is such a coward dropping to a lighter weight class to pick on the smaller Aldo and still lost the fight. Do you think bantamweight fight with Cruz is next? lol


Huh? Coward? haha.


Aldo is probably just as big as Florian.


kenflo is a top fighter man, why should he be finished? Aldo is just really good.

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