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More weight divs for big men.


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No, if you weren't too stupid to think before you make a thread you'd realize all the best Heavyweights in the world are basically 240 and below, and plenty that aren't could easily cut the 10lbs difference.









Dave Herman

Travis Brown

Cheik Kongo

Frank Mir

Stipe Miocic

Shane Carwin

Shane Del Rosario



Could all make 240lbs comfortably. Lesnar and Overeem are very questionable, and Antonio Silva but those guys aren't exactly the ones dominating the division at all.

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No. The 'Big Men" have done nothing to deserve more weight classes. Them gassing is their own fault.


230-240 is the best weight for HW anything below is too small, anything above is too big and you'll be at an even bigger disadvantage gassing even quicker with all those useless muscles.

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