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Frankie and Aldo tendancies and potential weaknesses


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Just wanted to say a few things i observed with Aldo and Frankie that i see as potential openings for furture opponents to possibly exploit.


First lets start with Frankie.


Frankie did this a few times in the fight.


Gray side steps to the left pressing with the jab looking for the right hand as Frankie goes into his slipping routine and as soon as Gray closes in to throw the right he ducks and rolls out to the left. What gray should have done is immediately thrown a left cross and followed up with a right cross while switching back into his stance because he was nearly in a southpaw stance in relation to Frankie rolling out and slipping to his right. It would have been perfect to close the gap with Frankie and Frankie often leaves his head open after the intitial slip and roll out. Very much like Machida or Jon did against Rampage. with chin in the air. The first cross needs to be lighting quick so it lands or he panic slips right into the next cross which is heavier but still fast.


Im not saying this is the answer to Edgar and you have to be careful not to over commit but i saw atleast four times in the fight Gray could have done this and Frankie would have been right on the end of his left cross, switch to right cross. I think this is a key to closing the distance against Frankie in throwing straights and switching often mid combination to cover more ground. You just have to watchout you don't walk into a straight or a takedown though and the timing plus not telegraphing have to be perfect.


Now on to Aldo. Aldo keeps a tall posture and has what i'd like to call an almost lazy rhythem then he likes to drop step forward changing his level and blitzes forward to attack in combination.


The keys to stopping this is


A. Stop hitting him before he gets started. Very hard to do as it takes perfect timing and it's risky if he sees it coming and he fients going in looking to draw out the counter to defend and counter your counter.


B. You can defend it while using movement to get away and if he continues the blitz you flick a quick straight jab or cross to his face just to freeze him up a second and follow up with a high double leg, single leg takedown or clinch. I say high on the leg takedowns because you will eat a knee if you shoot from too far out. The idea is to suck him into a light jab or cross as he rushes forward so he basically closes most of the distance for you and the jab or cross serves as distaction and even to suck him in even more trying to draw out the big counter. Basically he closes the distance for you. It has to be done almost too late for him to react.


C. If you can appear to be a little slow to react to the intial blitz and defend and almost simultaniously throw a heavy counter coming forward as he really commits and in between his combination it could very likely daze Aldo and you will have gained a beat on him and beat him at his own game of lazy possum blitz. I have to say though this option is the most dangerous of the three if your timing isn't perfect and you haven't lured him in properly because if your late and he lands the first blitz shot good you can be sure a barrage will follow.


So there it is some strategy for Frankie and Aldo's future opponents. Now im not saying any of this is sure fire and every fighter and fight brings something different but these are tendencies i see in both fighters in every fight and i do think it's possible to exploit it.

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aldo is taylor made for edgar


slow for his weight class' date=' and edgar would be able to take him down.[/quote']


Maybe but Aldo is not slow for his weightclass. He plays slow as part of his game to throw peoples timing off.


Did you see how fast he defended those takedowns and the first one how fast he closed the gap and jumped all over Florian. He is extremely fast when he wants to be. Ask Faber lol


He does this against all his opponents. He walks right into the pocket prodding relaxed and slow and trying to draw a counter so he can counter thier counter. He is so confident with his defense and reflexes he will even get very close before attacking.


If they don't take the bait he waits till they move away then blitz's inbetween thier movement when they are least prepared to counter his blitz. It's almost like they move out to the perfect range for him to blitz.


If they over react and move away too fast he attacks thier legs.


It's pretty clever really.


About Aldo vs Frankie that really wasn't the intended purpose i just wanted to discuss strategy about these two.


I don't know who would win. I could see both winning. It would be a very interesting fight.

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