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chael sonnen post fight interview


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joe rogan: chael, first off all congratulations on a dominant performance, you imposed your skillset you did everything you wanted to do, how happy are you with your performance tonight?


chael: anderson silva you absolutely suck

*pauses for a few seconds as crowd reacts in aw*


super bowl weekend, biggest rematch in the history of the buisness, i'm calling you out silva but were upping the stakes, i beat you, you leave the division, you beat me, i leave the UFC forever




i think sonnen will submit silva but what do u guys think

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^ that

sick of this hype ****' date=' this isn't fake fighting[/quote']


Nor does it have anything to do with fake fighting. He called the guy out. It happens all the time, Chael just does it better than anyone else.


I love the talk. It makes the pre-fight more entertaining, and in the end, they're still going to get in there and fight.

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he acts like a true martial artist should...


shows respect.


if you have ever taken any sort of mma class' date=' you would know thats the first thing they teach you.[/quote']


Pffft so what McDojo do you go to? Does your "sensai" make you bow down to the Japanese/Brazilian flag before class?

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Pffft so what McDojo do you go to?


probably the one that teaches you triangles, then rewards you with a happy meal for making your opponent sniff your crotch, forcing him to TAP OUT! its at that point you can go home to polish your championship belt while the looser has to go home and deal with his inferiority complex

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