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Chael's Sonnon's Press conference remarks


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I think this guy is seriously delusional or hes mad/crazy/insane or on another planet. lol.


poboably all the above. Why would Anderson Silva do a retirement match? its quite disgusting and kind of rude.




Chael said something like the rules of the UFC wouldnt work in real life. No one would win a fight by doing a triangle in 8 seconds over being punched 300 times for 25 minutes. being punched 300 times wins you a fight on the street over a traingle? really?


i would say being choked out, arm broken , neck snapped in 8 seconds on the street, is more dangerous than being punched 300 times for 25 minutes.


Just saying..........


But Chael is pretty funny ..i find him funny to, but he is crazy and would definately bring WWE back to its glory days. lol.

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