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good striking, no ground game, brian stann = garbage fighter


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lol' date=' no,


he wasn't going for a sub[/quote']



Yes he was, you just don't know what a triangle sub attempt looks like. Brian Stann was holding on to Chael's wrist and pushing his hand back and pushing his knee up towards his chest in attempt to put his foot over chael's right shoulder.


I'm sorry that you have no experience in Jiu Jitsu and have no idea what it looks like but he was setting it up. As he was setting it up, the ref stood them up. Even Rogan commented on the bad reffing and was explaining that he was going for a triangle.


You're either trolling or don't know jack about submissions. Which one is it sir?

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Step by step via fightline.com


Round 2: Sonnen comes out hard again and takes Stann down effortlessly when he throws a leg kick. Sonnen working punches to the body from half guard. Sonnen is just dominating Stann on the mat, passing from one side to the other to take side control. Sonnen mounts with ease. Over three and a half minutes to go. Stann trying to control Sonnen's posture; he regains half guard. Stann is looking for the triangle and for some reason the referee stands them up. Stann cracks Sonnen with a right hand and then avoids a shot. Sonnen keeps hold of him though and takes him for a ride after pressing him into the fence. He lands right in side control and starts in with knees to the body. Sonnen slaps on the arm triangle and cinches it up, forcing Stann to tap.



That's the part you refuse to acknowledge

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dude has no ground game literally went for 0 submissions against CHAEL' date=' the guy who is easy to submit, he even got TRIANGLED BY CHAEL..[/quote']


The guy recovered guard like a dozen times and went for a triangle on at least 3 separate occasions.


Chael Sonnen pretty much only gets submitted by black belts, I'd say if Chael did straight jiu jitsu, he'd be at purple/brown belt. Mix that in with Olympic level wrestling which always puts him in dominant positions, and that's a strong *** grappler.

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