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What are u gonna do when the Diaz brothers are both UFC champs?


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discuss thanx :cool:


Get in the octogan and beat them both becoming the LW and WW Champ.


Then Bj Penn gets a shot at my belt and as the the first round begins we both throw a punch and before we see who lands everything just freezes (Rocky style)


After that id wake up from my dream because the Diaz brothers would never hold simultaneous belts in real life. :)

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They cant beat wrestlers/strong grapplers. Its a fact and their records show it.


anyone can beat anyone on any given night. fights, for the most part, are unpredictable. (excluding GSP) sure, we know people have gameplans and certain .. styles, but all it takes is one perfectly timed, perfectly placed strike and the fight can be over. and the Diaz bros, they can punch.. so I wouldn't say that they can't beat anyone, or would I say they can't lose to anyone. I just want to see the Diaz bros be champ, not for the sport of mma and because I like them. I just don't like Dana. and he'd have a hell of a time dealing with arrogant, shy, disrespectful 'gangsters' as champions in the ufc. especially with the ufc going mainstream and all that jazz. ....I don't know, I wouldn't think them as champions would be good for business.. but who knows, drama sells. immature non the less.

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dont know about nate., he is starting to convince me. i think he could give frankie a good fight and i dont think frankies hit and run strategy would work out very well against him


however as far as nick goes of being champion, who knows. we'll have to wait until he fights gsp for the title first.

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I was certain that BJ Penn would beat Nick. I was wrong. Nick really fought well and beat Penn everywhere the fight went. Penn looked good from time to time, but Nick was a gamer.


I was actually hoping Cowboy would pull an upset because I had Nate winning in my head, but my heart wanted Cowboy to stop him.

I was wrong again.


I dislike the Diaz brothers. They both have bad attitudes, bad habits, bad skin, and maybe also because I look a lil bit like a chubby Nick myself.

I don't like the way they flip middle fingers and cuss all the time. I'm all for head games, and getting under your opponents skin, but you can do it without acting like a 16 year old school yard neanderthal.


That being said, they are both really game fighters, and I do like their active fights. They are never boring.


I do not think a Diaz can beat GSP. As much as GSP is like a strong dose of Ambien, he is still very smart and safe. GSP will likely outpoint Nick, or Nate for that mater. (Yes, I know Nate is in a different weight class)

I can't see either Diaz getting into GSP's head. He has never fought emotionally (even when he NEEDED to i.e. Shields)


However, I actually think Nick and Condit is going to be a barn burner.

My heart wants Carlos to get a win via some sort of stoppage. My head says that Nick is going to use some good stockton slappage to open Condits hands and pepper the NBK's face with jabs.

I really want Condit to win, but I think it is really Nick's fight to lose.


I think Frankie can out wrestle Nate to a UD, but who knows, might get caught in a triangle.

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