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I think Florian got robbed


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but it was a close fight for sure. florian definately pushed the pace of the fight and he was landing just as much as aldo. sure he got rocked a few times by some good shots but i still gave him 3 rounds.


just the way i feel. anybody else? i mean i fully expected aldo to smash his face in early but kenny fought a smart fight. I predicted a one sided walk in the park, but who was i kidding? Despite not being too successful with the takedowns, he still seemed to control the fight. Just didnt land enough good shots in i guess to be convincing

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Kenny had the fight 2-2 in rounds but handed Aldo the fight in the 5th.


I believe the start of it was his slip where he landed on his back and eventually got mounted. After that in the final 2 minutes Kenny should have gone for broke by drawing Aldo into a slugfest but he basically hung back and handed Aldo the decision.

He's going to watch the tape and realize how close he was.

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