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Silva vs Sonnen = loser leaves town match


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I always had a hard time deciding whether I liked Sonnen or hated him. The guys got the biggest mouth in MMA and the crap that comes out of it is so off the wall its crazy. But no one can deny that the guy is probably the funniest and most interesting guy to listen to. His troll rants are on another level. But the main thing is, apart from his apparent triangle weakness, he backs all his **** up. His UFC 136 post fight interview about how if Silva loses Silva will leave the division and if Sonnen loses he will leave the UFC. I personally don't want Sonnen to leave the UFC I think hes one of the best middleweights out there,..again apart from his triangle weakness lol.


I guess what I am trying to say is... if Sonnen was to beat Silva and Silva agrees to leave to division, I think it would be fair to say that 1 of the 2 fights everyone wants to see can finally happen. Ether Silva moves down and fights GSP or moves up and fights Jon Jones.


I think Chael just opened up a ton of new opportunities and new great fights with that deal and if the deal is agreed upon and Silva loses, things can start getting VERY interesting in the UFC... of course he would have to beat Silva first, that seems to be the tricky part

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