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Lorenz Larkins vs Brian Stann


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Well, Lorenz Larkins can obviously make the cut to 185lbs, he's a very dynamic striker with a 12-0 record ( 8 knockouts) in Strikeforce. He's looked worse in his last 2 fights but I account some of that for being a bit small in the weight division.


Stann, may of lost to Sonnen but the guy looked like a wrecking machine standing against Santiago and Leben two very solid strikers in the division. He's shown sick kicks and hands, with tremendous power.


Larkenz is one of the biggest fighters Strikeforce has to offer to the UFC, so him coming over makes a lot of sense and fighting Stann makes a lot of sense.



Thoughts and how do you think this fight would go down?

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Or even Manhoef vs. Stann that would be a crazy fight. One of them would end up KO'd.


In my opinion Stann has leg kicks to rival Larkins, I think he'd really make Larkin hesitate and back up because of Stanns power and aggression. I think we'd see Stann be effective with leg kicks himself and eventually hurt and finish Larkins because of the power advantage.



I think Mousasi, would stand and pick at Stann getting the better of the exchanges but also backing up because of the power difference, but Mousasi would get it to the ground and find a submission no matter how the striking is in my honest opinion and beat Stann.



I agree, both Mousasi and Larkins should be at 185 in the UFC and Lombard and Mamed Khalidov should be at 185 in the UFC.

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Do I really have my own stalker? lol. Hell I don't remember all the matchups that are between black and nonblack. Are there even 50 black guys under zuffa?


Larkin is a complete striker, Stann is a boxer. Speed typically makes a difference when it comes to strikers in MMA (Edgar, Guillard on a good day, Pat Barry, Vitor, etc). Therefore I choose Larkin over Stann because he's explosive, uses all of his limbs when striking, and has KO power, just like Anderson Silva. Plus Larkin knocked out Scott Lighty, a famous American kickboxer, due to his speed. Also I have a kickboxing and judo background so I have a bias for fighters that come from those disciplines. And Larkin is from the same area as me, so there's some hometown bias. Why bring race into it?

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