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Brock Lesnar's WWE 12 Commercial (Video)


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Wow, he really does look a lot smaller. Majory illness + major surgery can do that to you though. It's amazing he's still able to fight at all. When he came back for Carwin he didn't have to cut weight to weigh in at 263. Before that he was cutting from 275-280 to get down to 265. He might put some more muscle back on before fight time but we'll see.


His diet had to be modified to manage his disease, so that might play a role in his size (or lack thereof).

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I have an explanation.


That video was shot the afternoon after Brock came out of colon resection surgery. Being the toughest SOB around he went ahead and shot the promo. They don't show his whole body at once so you can't see the unbandaged stitches.


That was months ago and he is back to being huge now.

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