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Ross Pearson vs. Nam Phan


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Phan has decent striking, and a good chin.... But Pearson's footwork, head movement and boxing would be too much in a striking match.


Phan will have superior JJ I should imagine, but Pearson has reasonable ground game for a Brit, and I think he is good enough to avoid Phan's ground game.


So I voted Pearson.


Good fight though. Pearson should be good at that weight to be fair. He was already among the fastest in the division, now he will be one of the fastest and strongest. Just needs to keep exanding his skillset, as with all Brits.

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I was personally surprised to see that hes cutting down to 145. It doesnt seem like he has enough fat to do it, and hes a decent sized LW as it is.

If he can make the cut without draining his cardio or strength too much I could see it working pretty well for him. I think his boxing and his overall strength would give anyone at 45 some problems.

Agains Nam Phan, its hard for me to say because Pearson hasnt fought at 45s. He should be able to win decisevly, but Phan is no slouch. His striking will be faster than what Piersons used to and he has a granit chin.

Still Im picking Piersen via UD.

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