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GSP's back tattoo


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Can somebody please tell me if i am seeing sh*t. in this fight i swear i see a huge back tattoo. i couldve sworn gsp only had two:confused:


Hahahaha, no man that was advertisement they put on fighters backs. Is it me or does Georges look larger there? Or is Denny just small?

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GSP only fights smaller fighters.



I watched 10 seconds of that clip' date=' saw the spray on Tattoo, saw GSP get the TD. then turned it off.[/quote']


To be fair, he wasn;'t really any larger than Hardy, Koscheck, Fitch, Mayhem, Hieron, Alves and so on. I don't think he's that much larger than Condit if at all.


He isn't rumble, people act like he is because they dont like him and want to discredit him.




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