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Assuming we see Silva vs. Sonnen 2...


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In case you missed the poll question...


What would make a bigger statement for Silva to win this match by, submission or KO/TKO?


Much is made of Silva's desire to submit Sonnen in their first match. (Please check all rib/juicing/23.5minutebeatdown/pillowfist arguments here, feel free to pick up on the way out)


So would it make a bigger statement for Silva to KO or sub Sonnen in a second victory?

If he subs him again, would go a long way to demolishing Sonnen's claims about Silva's BJJ black belt and erase any doubt of a "lucky sub". (If anyone believes in such a thing)

If Silva knocks Sonnen out, he might be somewhat proving he could've done it the first time, and beyond that would be the first man to KO Sonnen.


So...which would be bigger?

(I included the other two poll options for ****s)

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