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Mods Please


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Can you do anything about the pointless thread being made by UFC_on_FOX (aka. Bright)? Doesn't this count as spamming?


I'm still hoping for an "Ignore User" option that keeps you from seeing the posts and threads by certain members of the forum that you would rather not have to see while surfing the site.

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Uh dam' date=' i didn't know you would put me on the spot like that eh


1. No insulting members (unless LOL worthy)

2. No Spamming

3. No Pic spamming

4. No extensive trolling

5. I could care less about swearing[/quote']


Yo got my vote sir...sorry for putting u up there but i like my representives to have a big bright lite on them


Did u see that massive ban hammer that just camedown

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whats with all the surgery pics

i'm eating lunch here!!!


Eating lunch and browsing through these forums is a health risk. You may exhibit vomiting and nausea if you do not heed this warning. *Shrugs*


Looks like some folks are rather angry and obscene images is going to become the norm (For tonight). I'd suggest just not visiting this site until the moderators presence is known. I imagine that the moderators are sleeping, as they are human, so I'm not really placing any blame on them. o.o

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