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Penn Brothers vs. Diaz Brothers........


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when is Nate moving back to 170?


He should never have went to 170 and I hope he never comes back. He fits very nicely in the 155lb division, its sad the decisions he was given I can understand. Split decision vs Maynard, Split decision vs Guida, win over Guillard, I thought he beat Guida and I truly thought that the Maynard fight was a wire thin decision. Those were 3 guys who were top 5 LWs in the UFC a month ago.



Hopefully they give him a matchup where it will be a fight I think a really odd matchup would be Edson Barboza vs Nate Diaz, to defeat an undefeated rising star would really boost Diaz. ( I thought Barboza lost to both Njukuani and Pearson )

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